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WestGrid at UVic

The WestGrid installation at UVic makes its computing and storage elements available to clients through various services.  Here we describe how some of those elements and services fit together.


Nestor is a 2304-core capability cluster geared towards parallel jobs.  It consists of 288 IBM iDataplex servers with eight 2.67 GHz Xeon x5550 cores and 24 GB of RAM.  Data is shared between nodes and the GPFS filesystem using a high-speed InfiniBand interconnect. 


Hermes is a 2112-core capacity cluster geared towards serial jobs.  Hermes was deployed in two phases: the first phase consists of 84 IBM iDataplex servers with eight 2.67 GHz Xeon x5550 cores and 24 GB of RAM.  These nodes use bonded gigabit Ethernet to get data from NFS and GPFS filesystems.

The second phases consists of 120 Dell C6100 compute nodes, each with 12 x5650 cores at 2.67 GHz and 24 GB of RAM. These nodes use a 4:1 blocking InfiniBand fabric for their cluster network.


Pleiades is the high-capacity storage deployed as part of UVic's WestGrid offering.  Storage consists of 2.4PB of disk (raw) made available for various uses using GPFS, dCache, and NFS, as well as a TSM backup solution and tape library with 1.2PB of tape capacity.