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The Symmetry Cluster

The Symmetry cluster is a small Tier-3 system for ATLAS researchers at UVic. It is intended to be a highly-responsive platform for interactive use (e.g. compiling code, running test jobs, small processing or analysis tasks, and launching grid jobs), and is not meant to be used as a high-throughput computing environment. (For mass storage and job throughput, the grid should be used.)

There are two Symmetry filesystems provided via NFS:

  • /home1s for user home directories using 10000 RPM SAS disks, which has better performance for random I/O.
  • /hep300 for bulk data storage using 7200 RPM SATA drives, which has better performance for sequential I/O.
    • /hep300/data contains personal data directories for users.
    • /hep300/data-shared is a user-managed space where e.g. group-writable directories can be created.

Since /home1s has limited storage space and is not optimal for sequential I/O, please store your data files in /hep300, not /home1s!

There are three Symmetry head nodes behind the load-balanced address symmetry.uvic.ca. Each has 233.22 HEPSPEC-06 of computing power and 48 GB of RAM. ATLAS software is provided via ATLASLocalRootBase on CVMFS.