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The Euler Cluster

Euler is a Linux Cluster for use by the Mathematics Department. It's powered by 12 dual quad-core Intel Xeon SMP compute nodes running at 2.33 Ghz per CPU. The cluster is installed with Scientific Linux 5.3 based on the 2.6 series kernel.

Cluster Storage

The cluster's head node is configured to attach to the Research SAN with two MPIO load balanced HBAs. The SAN volumes are currently being presented to the compute nodes via NFS. All cluster user's home directories are mounted on the SAN.

Cluster Scheduling and Management

Euler uses two open-source software packages: the Torque resource manager and the Maui Scheduler. An additional package, the Extreme Cluster Administration Toolkit (xCAT), aids in the management of software on the nodes.

Torque manages Euler's job queues, tracks jobs, and retains information on resources available on each node and the node's availability.

The Maui scheduler coordinates when and where jobs are run. It examines jobs in the various queues, applies various factors and algorithms to determine their priority, and requests for Torque to dispatch the jobs accordingly.

xCAT is used to simplify and centralize management of the nodes within the cluster.


Euler is configured with Message Passing Interface (MPI) libraries (OpenMPI) to allow for parallel distribution of jobs across the cluster.