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Contact Us

The best way to contact us is to send a note to sysadmin@uvic.ca. You will receive an automated reply and we will follow up with you personally as soon as possible.

If you are reporting an issue with our facility, please include with a detailed description of your problem the system in question, your netlink ID, and other details such as date and time the observation was made that would be helpful in our investigation.

All other enquiries, such as for accounts, more information or help using our facilities, are also welcome at this address.

Research Computing Consultation

Belaid Moa is an HPC specialist at the University of Victoria and assists faculty and students with their research computing needs, as well as helping researchers across Canada as an active participant in the WestGrid support community. He can be reached at 250-472-4803 and also with e-mail to sysadmin@uvic.ca.