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Backup Policies

Machines in the Research Computing Facility are safeguarded by the consistent application of well-established backup policies. Backups are managed by Tivoli Storage Manager and our tape library.

General Backup Policy

Most file areas are backed up with this policy: it is the default and is suitable for most uses.

Backups are performed nightly and multiple revisions are saved for each file. The most recent revision is saved indefinitely; older revisions have a lifetime of 30 days. There is no specific limit to the number of revisions but given nightly backups and a 30-day revision lifetime, there is a practical limit of 30.

When a file is deleted, the backup system immediately removes all but the two most recent revisions, and the newest revision's lifetime is set to 130 days.

All backups in this policy are dual-copy backups and have both onsite and offsite copies. The offsite copies are also on campus but are stored in a different building and are rotated out as required.

Archive Policy

Archived files are kept for seven years. Unlike backups, which are automated, file archival is initiated by the user or by request.  For such requests please contact us.